Forging Ahead

On August 31, 2020, the main office building of our Jacksonville headquarters suffered a devastating fire. A building known across Jacksonville for its iconic baby blue color was unfortunately unfit for use. Mr. Gay’s office, including decades of mementos, were sadly destroyed and employees were displaced and forced to move their offices to other buildings. Through the horrible tragedy in our company’s history, though, our people came together and persevered.

Two years later, on the 2nd anniversary of that fire, W. W. Gay broke ground on our new HQ building. August of 2023 marked another pivotal moment in W. W. Gay’s history as we proudly unveiled our newly completed headquarters! We’re delighted to announce that all our Jacksonville departments are now open and ready to serve our customers from our beautiful new home.

Curious about our journey? Dive into the week-by-week updates detailing the construction progress, complete with captivating photos and videos showcasing every step of the way.