UF Health North Phase 3 Tower Expansion

Project Description:

The new, six story, 181,000 square feet, UF Health North Phase 3 Tower Expansion will make way for over 120 new patient beds. W.W. Gay was selected to provide all plumbing, medical gas, and HVAC piping and systems as well as new plumbing fixtures, medical gas equipment, and HVAC equipment for those systems. 

Beginning April of 2022, this 24-month long project includes the following major equipment additions: 2-Chillers, 2-Boilers, 2-Cooling Towers, 7-Hydronic Pumps, 8-Air Handling Units, over 300-Terminal Units & Fan Coil Units, 1-Medical Air Compressor, 1-Medical Vacuum Pump, over 600-Plumbing Fixtures, and a new 15,000-gallon Fuel Oil Tank and two new 2,000-gallon Propane Tanks. 


Jacksonville, FL